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Angel tarot looking for answers in you life healing you life from the past& now angels are here yes ask

I Channel the seven sacre flames in the angels you looking for healing in you life I am Spiritually Gifted. I have been helping others professionally as a Spiritual Life Coach and Life Coach – I am certified and have been helping professionally as a spiritual counselor. I provide fast and accurate readings on many different subjects; relationships, life choices, health, money and career. I do perform Angel readings, Spirit Guide readings, Love readings, Soul mate readings. clients are always satisfied from not only my accuracy but also my honesty. I will assist you with general life questions. I am direct and to the point; don’t be shocked, I do not beat around the bush., nor do I sugar coat! Other I am an experienced reader with years of expertise. I am proficient in Relationship Advice, Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing , Positive Energy Reinforcement, Aura Cleansing Career Psychic Readings , Spiritual Counseling and more. Personal Development and Living in Balance with your partner or other relationships. A gifted empathic who will support you through the difficult moments on your special path to a more fulfilling life of joy and abundance and successful relationships. Looking forward to supporting you. It is my goal to awaken the soul within and provide you with spiritual enlightenment to help you on your chosen path. I believe every person and everything we encounter in this life is for a reason.

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10 plus years in the paranormal, metaphysical field, Psychic reader, Tarot card, Medium, past life I do travel to Clients to offer Live/In Person Readings across the United States and Overseas.Owner of my personal business (10 years)


I have cetification past life recreation agel cards

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